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Tired of being burned by other Credit "Experts" and "Gurus"?... So am I, and I'm excited to bring true value to CRO's in our industry.

Want to get clients for your credit repair business WITHOUT paying for ads?

Guess what? It's possible to have a 6 figure credit repair business WITHOUT paying for ads. You know how I can say this confidently? Because not only have I done it myself in the past, I STILL do it to THIS day! Do you need to pay your affiliates in order to get leads from them? The answer is actually NO. I know I know, you're thinking right now "how is this possible?" Not by being lazy or relying on ads!! Through hard work, consistency, and implementing the CORRECT game plan to succeed in YOUR county, city, & state. Want to learn more?

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

NO recycled B.S...Actual NEW Information

The information that I will be sharing with you will be unique and effective. How do I know this? Because I am going to open up MY playbook to YOU! I guarantee that you will learn new tactics and strategies to implement in your business as early as the 1st session!

Genuine Guidance

I'm not here to play pretend when it comes to what I've accomplished. I'm here to not only teach you how I have become successful, but I will ACTUALLY help you get there as well. Your goals are my goals!

Assistance with Affiliate Closing!

To prove how invested I am in you as a CRO, I will literally close a affiliate deal (No matter how many affiliates there are on that call) FOR YOU while you take a seat back and learn! Are you too shy? Do you know how to approach a new affiliate? Wouldn't it just be amazing if I can show you a live example of what that conversation should be like? Why not do it with YOUR new potential affiliates? This is included with your class! (One time deal)

FREE Outsourcing for 90 Days!

If me closing affiliates for you wasn't enough, how about some free outsourcing services from one of the BEST outsourcing companies in the COUNTRY? Get a fast track in your business by gaining new affiliates with our proven approach, and while you are growing your business, take advantage of free disputes! ( Will be come invalid if not used before the 8 week course is complete)



Why my coaching?

Simply put, I have the secret that nobody else in this industry has. Morals, Ethics & transparency. Honestly, I hate calling it a secret because I want more people to have it but it feels like a secret since nobody ever talks about it. Helping students succeed is my TOP priority. I truly believe that I am only as good as my students. If I don't pour into my students until they are successful, then I have failed as a leader. To make sure I am giving my maximum effort, I deliver my message and teachings morally, ethically, and fully transparent.

Full disclosure if you get offended by words like "fuck" and "shit", we aren't going to work well together because you'll hear a ton of it come from me. It's part of who I am and part of my authenticity. Lastly, If you're going to take this content and treat it like all the other courses you've taken ( all ears and no action) then please don't move forward. You are getting my playbook which ONLY works if you take ACTION.

Pricing Plans



1 group training at a time option

After six group trainings completed, Free 90 Day Outsourcing + Assistance closing affiliates will be rewarded

You will have to pay $497 EACH time you want to continue to the next class ( 8 classes total)



Weekly Group Training with Dylan

Assistance in closing Affiliates

Free Outsourcing for 90 Days

Group Exclusive Training Material

1 on 1 Private coaching calls

About Dylan Shively

​Dylan Shively is a published author ( The Credit files), father, husband, and army veteran who started his company James Warren Group in 2017 with one goal in mind. Helping others achieve what they thought to be " the impossible". Keeping that in the forefront of every business decision made daily, the business has grown into 23 different states and is currently serving over 3,000 clients!

Dylan has been recognized in ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX news along with recently being published in both FORBES magazine & YAHOO finance as a industry leader within the credit repair space and overall small business growth. Dylan helps others with growing their credit repair business through the "Affiliate" process which has grown his personal credit repair business to do over 80k per month! Dylan lastly stands proud as a leader within his community. Both his personal life and business are ran off of this quote : " Do what is right. Not what's easy."

Not convinced? Here is some conversations from my students who have taken my class. See what they have to say!